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Hard Rock / AOR

Es wurde mal Zeit, dass die Pop- und die Hard-Rock-Ecke getrennt werden. Demon haben nämlich trotz aller Eingängigkeit herzlich wenig mit Jewel und Co. zu tun. Also: hier gibt's keinen reinen Stahl, dafür etliche Alben zum relaxten Abrocken.....


CD schon/noch (evtl. gebraucht?) erhältlich bzw. wann genau ist VÖ?

Hier nachschauen (geht am schnellsten und ist am zuverlässigsten...):

In Partnerschaft mit

Allen/Lande: The Battle Axxis: Back To The Kingdom
Axxis: Eyes Of Darkness Axxis: Time Machine
Axxis: Paradise In Flames   Beethoven R.: Un Poco Mas

Blood Of The Sun: Same

Brazen Abbot: Guilty As Sin

Cain: Pound of Flesh

Catley, Bob: Legends

Catley, Bob: Middle Earth

Catley, Bob: When Empires Burn

Catley, Bob: Spirit Of Man Catley, Bob: Immortal

Christmas: Live at Massey Hall

Critical State: Mankind
Cooper, Alice: Brutal Planet Cornerstone: Arrival

Cornerstone: Human Stain

Colour Haze: Tempel

Dare: Belief DarkStarr: DarkStarr
  David Neil Cline: Thorough Scrutiny Deep Purple: In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra
Deep Purple: Rapture Of The Deep  
Demon: The Best Of Demon Vol. 1 Demon: Spaced Out Monkey
Demon: Better The Devil You Know Deep Purple: Bananas
Double Action: Sokaris Dio: Magica
Elvenking: Heathenreel Emerald Rain: Perplexed In The Extreme
Europe: Start from the Dark Fatal Attraction: Simplicity Rules 
Gaskin: Stand Or Fall Gary Hughes: Once And Future King I
Hagen: Corrodors Of Time Holocaust: The Courage To Be
Hubi Meisel: Cut Iron Clad: Lost In A Dream
Jorn: The Duke Jorn: Lonely Are The Brave
Journey: Arrival (27.02.2010): Journey: Revelation
Kotzev, Nikolo: Nostradamus Kurgan's Bane: The Future Lies Broken
Lana Lane: Queen Of The Ocean Lana Lane: Project Shangri-La
Lana Lane: Lady MacBeth Legend: Still Screaming
Letter 7: Salt Of The Earth Lillian Axe: Fields Of Yesterday
Magnum: Breath Of Life Magnum: Brand New Morning
Magnum: Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow Marcus: Same
Maximum: Just For Kick Meldrum: Loaded Mental Cannon
Mirage: ... And the Earth Shall Crumble NEW (09.06.2010):Molly Hatchet: Justice
  Moon of Steel: Insignificant Details
Moon of Steel: Insignificant Details MSG: The Midst Of Beauty
Nightshade: Stand And Be True Nordica: Rebel Heart
Ostrogoth: Ecstasy And Danger Overloaded: Hail The Kingdom / Regeneration
Overtures: Beyond The Waterfall Ozzy Osbourne: Down To Earth
Pell, Axel Rudi: Kings and Queens Pink Cream 69: Sonic Dynamite
Pink Cream 69: Thunderdome Place Vendome: Place Vendome
Praying Mantis: Nowhere To Hide Praying Mantis: The Journey Goes On
Presto Ballet: The Lost Art Of Time Travel Ravens Head: From the Darkness
Riot: Through The Storm Shining Star: Enter Eternity
Skyclad: No Daylights Nor Heeltaps Sominae Status: Cassandra
Subway To Sally: Hochzeit Subway To Sally: Herzblut 
Taraxacum: Spirit Of Freedom Templar: Come To The Light
Ten: Never Say Goodbye (live) Ten: Spellbound
Ten: The Robe / The Bonus Collection Ten: Babylon
The Donnas: Bitchin'  
Thin Lizzy: One Night Only Tokyo Dragons: Hot Nuts
Ty Tabor: Moonflower Lane USM: Silver Step Child 
Vanilla Fudge: On Through The In Door Wetton, Jon: Sinister
Winterhawk: Revival Wytchfynde: The Awakening
NEW (28.07.2010): Yoso: Elements  

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