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Still Going The Metal Way! - Best Of 1998

On this page I tried to give you a personal view of this years' musical masterpieces. Yes, I know we still have two months to go, but I thought it was time to show you my list (25 out of many, many others) - now it's time to show me yours!!

Above all stands the unbelievable debut of Texas-based band Power Of Omens, which is really brilliant beyond belief! But Shadow Gallery's "Tyranny" is one of the best Progressive-Albums of all time, too! I couldn't believe that this album ever will be topped, but Power Of Omens really made it in two weeks!

1998 - what a year for fans of sophisticated and intelligent sounds! But the True-Metal-League also had some great efforts to listen to...

So sit back and dive into my personal Metal-Poll !

And always remember:

"Stand And Fight, With Sword In Hand: HEAVY METAL TILL THE END!!"

(c) Sacred Steel, "Heavy Metal Till The End", 1998

  1. Power Of Omens: Eyes Of The Oracle
  2. Shadow Gallery: Tyranny
  3. Virgin Steele: Invictus
  4. Rush: Different Stages - Live
  5. Fates Warning: Still Life
  6. Rhapsody: Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
  7. Destiny's End: Breathe Deep The Dark
  8. Death: The Sound Of Perseverance
  9. Artension: Phoenix Rising
  10. Sacred Steel: Wargods Of Metal
  11. Arena: The Visitor
  12. Vigilante: Chaos - Pilgrimage
  13. Jewel: Spirit
  14. Metal Church: Live
  15. Stratovarius: Destiny
  16. Jag Panzer: The Age Of Mastery
  17. Trampled Underfoot: Trampled Underfoot
  18. Balance Of Power: Book Of Secrets
  19. Kamelot: Siége Perilous
  20. Judas Priest: '98 Live Meltdown
  21. Symphony X: Twilight In Olympus
  22. Yngwie Johann Malmsteen: Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar                      And Orchestra in E flat minor Op.1 -Millenium-
  23. Labyrinth: Return To Heaven Denied
  24. Eldritch: El Nino
  25. Iced Earth: Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Now send me your comments and your Metal-List '98!!

© 1998, Michael Kohsiek