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1) Please introduce the band to the reader! I wanna know everything, even your sexual preferences and favourite beer! Who are you, how old are you? When did you get the inspiration to be a total metalhead and when did you feel was the right time to start this awesome killerband!

KEITH: I'm 26, play guitar and sing lead vocals in the band. I've been listening to heavy metal since I was a very small kid. I guess it was pretty obvious to many of my friends that I would end up doing something like play in a metal band. I just let my desires and dreams take their natural path and here I am. This band was originally formed back in early 1998, and it seemed like a perfect time. While everyone else was trying to clone the American radio garbage-metal, we stuck out necks out and did something heavy that still had melody. My favorite beer, it's split between Coors Light and Guiness...don't ask. I have a wonderful girlfriend Shannon who I have been with for two years now and is very supportive of me as I am to her. She rules!

NICK: I'm 23, play drums in the band and write a few riffs here and there. i grew up in Iowa listening to Metallica in the late 80's when I was like 12. That inspired me to play and live metal, it just snowballed from there. My favorite beer is EVERY beer. I'll drink a Pabst Blue Ribbon all the way to a Guinness! It all rules! Well, I guess my favorite beer is a free beer! I'm in a very serious relationship right now with my girlfriend Shanna. She's great, she would drop everything and move anywhere with me to support my musical career. I lucked out finding her. I must say that our lead player Mat "one T" Bolten tends to swing to the "other side" sometimes, but he's the only guy in the band that swings that way. JUST KIDDING! Mat's a ladies man.

2) Since there are no lyrics included, could you please tell me something about the songs? I am very curious!

KEITH: Many of our songs have higher concept meanings, much of it space or cosmic in theme. For example, the song "Kozmos" is my personal take on trying to personify space in all it's grandness. "Mourning Star" is told from the perspective of someone who lived several hundred years ago and is watching a comet cross the sky. As was the case with many ancient civilizations, he believes that this is a sign of the apocalypse and the village holy man is going around damning everyone for their sins and such...basically saying this is your fault for the end of the world. Nick wrote most of the lyrics and penned the feel for "Missing Hope", so he can tell you better about that song.

NICK: Well, I was working on "Missing Hope" at a very depressing point in my life. The song basically is about working your ass off, giving everything you have in life and never getting ahead, weather it be relationships, career or happiness. Yet you see other people not even trying and they achieve what you are working so hard for with little or no effort.

3) How is the scene like in your area? Did you gig alot or is it more that you have a play a backyard party every now and then?

KEITH: Many people ignore the Denver and Colorado scene altogether. Like anywhere, there are bands that don't put their all into their music and show, but overall I think Denver in particular has a massive scene. We've seen this more and more as we've traveled and played other cities at the level we are. In Denver there are anywhere from 10-20 places to play a show, most have their own PA system and established schedules. Some are small bars and some are large theaters. In addition, there are substantial sized surrounding cities with even more venues. We are pretty lucky really. When a club closes down, another one will immediately pop up to take it's place. As for the style of heavy music that is popular, we are definitely in the minority. There are less than ten bands that I would consider rooted in the same type of metal that we are, and of these we may be unique among them because I actually sing, not growl. Of these ten, there are maybe three or four who are really putting forth everything they can muster to record, and tour & sign a record contract with any sense of urgency. But then again, it isn't the goal of many others to do so, so a good time is had by all. We play in Denver about once a month, although I imagine we could play much more if we wanted to. We choose not to because we play other surrounding cities and other states every month too. We have not yet played a backyard party because of the availability of clubs, but we would not be opposed to doing so just to have fun!

4) How comes you play this absolutely trendfree powerful Thrashmetal. Noone really does it anymore. Wouldn't it be cooler to sound like Korn or Limp Bizkit?

NICK: Man, I beg Keith daily to start busting out some phat, low end down tuned hip-hop groove. But he's set on this Power metal/ Thrash thing. Word. ha ha........Limp Shitzkit sucks!!!! True metal will always have an underground following. Limp Shitzkit will never be heard from in another couple years.

KEITH: Nick is right. Real heavy metal hasn't disappeared in over thirty years now and never will. It takes "rests" from the mainstream, but NEVER goes away. There is an incredible underground network and following with heavy metal. And an incredible, rich history to go with it. There's some sort of honor felt to be a part of this absolutely genuine music movement. I love heavy metal, real heavy metal. If we end up on MTV, that's fine. But it will be one of our songs, produced the way we want it to be done.

5) What are the bands and albums that you are really devoted to with all your life?

NICK: ANTHRAX!!! Also, I've always been waaaaay into Nevermore, Overkill, Malevolent Creation and Stuck Mojo and Skinlab.

KEITH: Iron Maiden & Judas Priest is who got me going in this whole mess. Absolutely untoppable. They are fucking royalty in metal circles. Other bands that are absolutely essential to my inspiration are Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, In Flames, Scorpions, AC/DC, Anthrax, old Metallica, Overkill, Nevermore and many European bands such as Primal Fear, Gamma Ray, Nocturnal Rites and so forth. And who can forget the masters that are Motorhead!

6) What do your parents say about their sons being musicians in a dirty rotten metal band?

NICK: I'll try and keep this short. My parents shunned me for years because they don't understand the whole music thing and think it's an impossible goal to achieve. I didn't talk to them for a long time because of that. I understand how they feel, they just want their son (me) to be successful and they don't think I can be successful by playing music. But, in the last year my mother has seen us in magazines, all the amazing reviews and great shows. She has almost made a 100% turn around in attitude. She just told me the other day she hopes we go all the way. That means more to me than anything else she could say. Their support is still minimal, but a little goes along way with me.

KEITH: I have similar reactions as Nick does from my parents. With my parents as well, they only want the best for me. They understand I have decent head on my shoulders and that I'd never starve or end up in a gutter. With the environment that metal is played in there are inherent risks, but just different ones than would be there if I was an alligator wrestler or a downhill skier. Recently they have taken a morbid curiousity towards my music and band and have been almost supportive because they've noted the success we've been experiencing so far. At least they seem somewhat interested now when I mention something band related or I tell them that I got to meet Iron Maiden or Dio in person. They watched me grow up with these posters plastered on my walls, and they are now understanding that we must be getting somewhere for me to actually meet these people and such.

7) What does metal mean to you personally?

KEITH: I'm atheist. So I guess the closest thing I have to religion is heavy metal. You can't get excommunicated from heavy metal. It will always be there for you, and it is what you make of it. In my case I have devoted my life to furthering it and can't see it any different way. I've met wonderful people through metal. Such as my girlfriend at a club we played years ago, many close friends and just a strong backing of like minded people. Although it's no subsitute for the real thing in my case, it's a great extended family.

NICK: Refer to previous question.

8) Thanks for answering my questions so patiently, now the last few words go to you!

NICK: Thank YOU very much for all the support! I know everyone has heard that before, but it means allot to me personally. Your support is what keeps me going. Thankxx.....METAL!!!! KEITH: Okay. We ain't fucking around here. If you like your metal completely loud and pure...pure and devoid from commercialism and pop-pollution, and loud as a megaton explosion, come join the SILENCER ranks. We'll guarantee you a show and take you on a journey in the process. This band will ascend faster than you think. Join our ranks and thanks for your support so far! Visit our website at and have a look around. HORNS UP!