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Interview with the new Metal Godz Overlorde

1) How does your latest EP go for the moment? Do you feel the time is there for Overlorde? How many copies of the new EP have now been sold?

Mark: Hail Pathfinder Sascha, Sir Lord Doom! Our demo, OVERLORDE 2000, is going great. We have issued over 120 promo copies and sold over 150. We intended the demo as a press & promo item only, to use it in getting the word out that Overlorde has returned and getting the band signed. The demo is 100% a home-done project. We recorded the tracks in home studios, burn the copies on CDR burners, and print the labels and booklet on a color inkjet printer. We make only as many copies as we need. It is generating such great press that we expect to be signed to a record label very soon! The fact that we have been able to sell them in addition is “icing on the cake”, so to speak. An unexpected but welcome side benefit!

2) I think this idea to put up a fanclub with this military structure is quite cool! How many pathfinders and rangers are there now? Did you get inspired to do this by the good ol' KISS Army? Did you get any negative reactions on that fanclub right now?

Thanks, it was my idea. It had nothing to do with the KISS Army, but rather the military influence of our songs and also a picture taken of me right after Overlorde broke up. The picture, taken for my solo project after Overlorde, is of me with my Flying V sitting on an armored personnel carrier. When we decided to consider reuniting, I looked at the picture, thought of OVERLORDE songs like THE LONGEST DAY, and came up with FORCE RECON. I ran it by Kong and Dave, and they approved!

FORCE RECON started in February 2000, and as of now has 120 members.. Pretty good for not being signed to a record label or touring yet, I think. The first 100, of which you are one, were called PATHFINDERS. The next 100, which we are currently signing up for duty, are called RANGERS

Negative reactions from the KISS ARMY? None so far! Though there have been reported skirmishes between units of the Kiss Army and Force Recon. Since ForceRecon is a small but elite unit, we have used our superior training to hold off the Kiss Army hordes until our numbers can grow! So spread the word that all true metal fans should rally to Overlorde and join FORCE RECON! Ha ha!

3) When exactly did you feel that the old fire has been resurrected? Was it difficult to get the old band together for a second try? Who got the idea to get out of the grave to show the audience what metal should be like?

We were first made aware that fans were still interested in us in December 1999. Kong, Dave, and I met in February 2000 to discuss this interest. We decided to start and FORCE RECON to measure the interest. By July 2000 it was clear that the metal world wanted an Overlorde reunion, so that is what we did. We officially reunited in July 2000.

It was a little difficult getting the band back together for two reasons. First, Kong lives farther away now. Secondly, we did not want to use any of the original Overlorde singers, so we had to find someone new. And of course, our efforts were rewarded when Bobby “Leather Lungs” Lucas joined in September 2000. As you know, Bobby was formerly in SEVEN WITCHES and is also in EXHIBITION at the same time he is in Overlorde.

4) What is the scene like in your area? Are there any great new metal bands? Or is every single kid into that new psycho rock thing like Korn and Marylin Manson? What do you think about that movement? Does it give impulses to the metal scene or doesn't it have anything to do with metal?

I only hear what is on MTV or the radio. I don't get out to the clubs much or buy many CDs. I personally don't care for the Rap-metal type thing. Some stuff has cool grooves, but my tastes run from the true/heavy metal style of Maiden and Overlorde through the heavy rock and blues rock of bands like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I do think that bands like Korn are attracting more fans to metal again in general, which means there are more fans who are willing to get turned onto bands like Overlorde. So in a way, those bands are indirectly helping the whole metal movement by introducing a new generation to metal.

5) Are you currently listening to any new bands? What do you feel when you see the world wide scene nowadays? What was different when you first came out of your rehearsal room to release that legendary EP?

Well, “new” to me is anything since the early 90's! I've been listening to RHAPSODY , NEVERMORE, THERION. I really like the song ENJOY by ANGEL DUST- it was on the POWERMAD 2000 CD.

I think the world wide scene is encouraging. The growing access to the Internet has only helped. In our case alone, we not only are in contact with more fans, but we have made contacts that have resulted in airplay all over the world the past year. Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, the US, Crete, Malaysia, Romania….

What was different back in 1987? Well, the metal scene had just come off the height of the “true metal” wave. Labels were starting to look beyond bands like Overlorde. And of course there was no internet. While the NJ club scene was pretty cool back then, I'll take the internet any day as a promotional tool!

6) What gives you the power to play metal? What are your personal inspirations? What topics do the lyrics centre around?

My Flying V! It has magical powers! It is, after all, a guitar that can fly!

Well, seriously, I just find it very easy to write and play metal (though the V really does help shae my laying style - I can do things on it I can't do on Strats, etc). My lyrics tend to deal with history or fantasy themes. SNOW GIANT, OGRE WIZARD, and THE LONGEST DAY are examples. I personally hope to see Overlorde do great things not only now but for years to come. Then, maybe during some “down time”, I can release my other material that is more heavy rock and instrumental, the stuff I was doing in the 90's.

7) How far are your negotiations with record labels right now? Is there any light to be seen at the end of the tunnel? And is it certain that this light is not an on coming train? Did you get any offers from american labels right now?

Well, a good negotiator never gives out ANY details during negotiations. I can say that we are deep into the process and hope to have an announcement in the very near future. If all goes well, a full CD should be recorded, if not actually released, this year.

8) OK, here we are, nearly at the end of this nice little interview. Do you have some last comments for our readers, some stories from your early days, some experiences, some nonsense, whatever? Here is the opportunity to tell it all to our readers!

The band and I always want to thank our fans and FORCE RECON members. Everyone is always welcome at to check out our MP3s and take a look around. We are always complimented on our website. Not so much for the look of it, it is very basic, but because we have so much content. We hope to do a lot in the future for FORCE RECON. Maybe start a separate fan-only website, offer FORCE RECON t-shirts, etc. We also want to thank you for this opportunity to spread the word.

A funny story or nonsense? Well, Kong and I play this really cool PC-based game called TOTAL ANNIHILATION (though not too often, we have not much time for games anymore!). It is no longer made but still very cool. He is the CORE commander named Konglorde and I am the ARM commander named Overlorde. If any of our fans also play it, let us know. To close, I would like to send a message to my arch nemesis, the CORE Commander named Konglorde. I'd like to publicly say…