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Liege Lord

Metal-Legends never die!


Yes, it's true! Liege Lord, the Metal-Legend with three great albums out, still exists.

So I took the opportunity to "talk" with Tony Truglio and Paul Nelson for finding an answer

what's happening with the Lord right now...

SACRED METAL-PAGE: First of all the questions that burned the last few years inside my head: Is there a possibility of a new Liege Lord album and a live reunion?

Paul: Joe, Tony and myself at least, have been seriously talking about writing new material. We have even gotten offers to reform and tour in Europe. Anything is possible at this time and you guys will be one of the first to know.

SACRED METAL-PAGE: Then I've got a historical question; How did it all begin, what were the very first steps in the history of the band? What was the first line-up?

Tony:Liege Lord was originally a Judas Priest cover band named Deceiver. After a short time we released a 4 song demo in 1984. We got some great press and started getting a good underground following. Iron Works signed us to do an EP, then France's Black Dragon Records picked us up in Europe and the Ep turned into a full album beeing released world wide in 1985. The original members were Andy Michaud, Matt Vinci, myself, Pete McCarthy, and Frank Cortese.

SACRED METAL-PAGE: Do you still feel comfortable with your debut? If you have the possibility to change something, what would it be?

Tony:We wouldn't change a thing. That album opened a lot of doors for us and the music still holds up today.

SACRED METAL-PAGE: Then came out "Burn to my Touch". What do you feel when you hear these songs today? How would you caraterize the difference between "Freedoms Rise" and "Burn to my Touch"

Tony:Well for one thing, we got Paul Nelson to replace Pete. Then Metal Blade Records signed us and Joe Buchard of Blue Oyster Cult produced "Burn..." This record was a combination of a lot of changes occuring. Andy was on his way at this time also, I think it was a stepping-stone for what was to become more of a group effort in "Master Control".

SACRED METAL-PAGE: "Master Control" was without any doubt your masterpiece, itís nothing less than a Metal - Classic!! Do you still like the recording? And what differences do you see comparing them to the two albums before?

Paul:Terry Date engeneered this one, there is really nothing to change. Terry and I sat behind the board almost 24 hours a day to complete this record. Keep in mind we did this record in 14 days... We rehearsed endlesly to prepare this album. And with Joe singing, well he was just great!!!

SACRED METAL-PAGE: What are the LL members doing today, musically? Do they still got a band? I know Joe is in OVERKILL, does he like his role in the line-up of this metal legend? I would love to hear his powerful voice again!!

Paul:I'm in the process of putting the finishing touches on my own CD called "Vinyl Signs" (instrumental), session work, endorsment-clinics and coloums.

Tony:A lot of session work and various projects as well as talking to fans trough our new web-site:

Paul: As far as Joe, I was just at the Carrige House hanging with OVERKILL. Joe and Seb are both very happy. And yes, I'd love to hear Joe sing again.

SACRED METAL-PAGE: If you would have the possibility to make a big metal-festival and you could invite six bands, who would that be and why?

Paul : Judas Priest only with Rob Halford, UFO (I love Michael Shenker), Uli Roth (somewhere on stage), Accept (UDO is a maniac!), Iron Miaden (just because...) and Queenryche. I think that would be a killer retro "80s metal-fest.

Please give me a list of your ten all-time favorite records. And what were the biggest disappointments from your favorite bands?

Paul: 1: UFO, "Force It" 6: Tony Williams, "Believe It" (w/AlanHolsworth) 2: Scorpions, "Tokyo Tapes" 7: Black Sabbath, "Paranoid" 3: Judas Priest, "Sad Wings" 8: OZZY, "Blizzard Of OZ" 4: Hendrix, "Axis" 9: Wayne Newton, "Greatest Hits" 5: Jeff Beck, "Blow By Blow" 10: Savatage

If they dissapointed me, I don't mention them...

Which musical styles do you hate?

Paul: Country!!! Tony: Yepp!

SACRED METAL-PAGE: What are you doing in your free time? How do you earn your money?

Paul:Recording, session work, touring, endorsments, everything musical.

SACRED METAL-PAGE: Now I want you to give me some comments on the following terms:

Internet: God's gift to promotion!

Heavy Metal: They have said it once and they have said it again; It will never die!

Underground: The starting point for greatness.

Korn: Corny!

Iron Maiden: Changed the face of metal.

Progressive Metal: Another valuable offshoot.

Tori Amos: '90s anyone??? (Kate Bush wanna-be).

Family: ...Is forever.

Money: You can't take it with you unless you hide some in your socks.

Winter: I hate the feeling of cold slush in my fucking socks!!!

Thanks Michael, those were some very different questions! I hope our answers cleared up a few things. Thanks man, Paul and Tony, LL.



(c) 1998, Michael Kohsiek