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HammerFall - Let The Hammer Fall!!

"Glory To The Brave" - which True-Metal-Fan really doesn't know last years debut of the year, which started the "New Wave Of True Heavy Metal"? You're right, no one! And so the expectations to the follow-up-album has risen up highly to the sky and - not really a surprise - HammerFall has made it again! "Legacy Of Kings" sounds exactly like "Glory..." and nobody will be disappointed from its compositions.

So let leadsinger Joacim Cans explain, why...


How do you feel as the leader of the new "True-Metal-Revival"?

We feel very honored to be referred to as the band that opened the door tothe new wave of heavy metal, and at the same time very proud to be in thatposition. If we can make any change at all to get the "true" metal backinto the mainstream we will do anything achieve it.


Do you still feel comfortable with your debut "Glory To The Brave"? If you had the possibility to change something, what would that be?

 There are always some parts that you´re not happy with when you listen toit, but it´s impossible to change afterwards.
I would still like to add some more harmonies and backgrounds, if I could !


Your new album is called "Legacy Of Kings". Tell me all about it! How long did the songwriting-process last? Did you get help from Jesper Stromblad again?

 The new album continues where "Glory To The Brave" ended, but withoutrepeating ourselves. The big difference from our debut is the production,that is 10 times better than our debut. We had much more time to spend inthe studio and had time to really workuntill we were satisfied. The songs were written in app.3 months part fromHeeding The Call that we wrote already last year.We wanted to maintain the HammerFall sound and structure of the songs andthat´s why we still work with Jesper Strömblad. Why change a good recepy !


Maybe you could give me comments on each and every song on "Legacy..."? I would like to know something about the lyrics, too!

"Heeding The Call" : The single of the album that was the first song wewrote for the new album. A fast and very typical HammerFall song about thereturn of the Templars Of Heavy Metal.

"Legacy Of Kings" : The title track is a Metal Age type of song with a very strong chorus. It takes you into the battlefield were the warriors of faithare ready to carry on their mission. Can also be interpreted that HF areready to carry on the legacy from the 80´s.

"Let The Hammer Fall" : A song with the same feel as "Stone Cold" thatreally came turned out good, in my opinion. The topic in this song is abouta vigilante squad out on the streets with a mission to serve justice.

"Dreamland" : My favourite song of the album, a "Dragon" type of song witha very strong chorus part. This song deals with ideals that HammerFallstands for. It´s really up to you to make changes in life if your notsatisfied with the way you lived it so far. And even if it´s hard sometimes it´s worth to fight for it. "The Ivory Gates cast shadows, mightbetray" means that even if you found what you´ve been looking for it mightnot be what you expected it to be. But you have to pass it to see !"Remember Yesterday" : I came up with the chorus part while taking ashower. A true power ballad. "Remember yesterday and think about tomorrowbut you have to live today" says everything about this song.

"At The End Of The Rainbow" : Co-written by Andy Muck of Stormwitch andsoloworks by William J Tsamis Warlord/Lordian Guard. Not a typical HF songbut still one of the best songs on the album. In the same vein as"Dreamland" the lyrics is about the fact that you have to be your own Godand no one else will live your live for you. At the end of the rainbow isthe the goal of your search and there you will find what you´ve beenlooking for.

"Back To Back" : A cover version of the classical Pretty Maids song from1984. The song fit us perfect and we wanted to show the young fans of todaythat there´s a band called Pretty Maids that you have to check out. Atribute to a great band !

"Stronger Than All" : A pretty fast song that deals with the return ofheavy metal. Together we are stronger than all and together we shall winthis final metal crusade.

"Warriors Of Faith" : The fastest song of the album with a some greatguitarworks. Once again we´re at the battlefield together with the warriorsof faith. What more can I say.

"The Fallen One" : A piano ballad, a very different song for us to record.It´s a love ballad that I think many people can adapt to.Sometimes it´s very hard to let it go when the memories are haunting youall the time, and you feel like you´re the fallen one.


What do you think are the main differences between "Glory..." and "Legacy..."?

 The production and the individual performances of each and every member ismuch better on "Legacy".I think also that we have improved our skill as songwriters.


On the cover-artwork you can see that the Warrior has reached a throne. Has HammerFall reached the throne of True-Metal?

 No, there´s still a long way to go for us. I think that with the firstalbum we built the foundation and with the new album we´ve taken the nextstep on the way there to prove that we are here to stay.


How long are you Heavy-Metal-musicians? What were your first bands before HammerFall were founded?

 I started to sing by a mistake ! A friend called me and asked me to helpthem out for one show only and I stayed in that band almost 4 years. I was21 at that time. After that I decided to give it a try and went to aMusicians Institute in Hollywood to see if I could learn how to singproperly. Throughout the years I´ve been joining alot of bands but being a"true" metalhead caused alot of problems, no one wanted to play this formof music a couple of years ago.


What do you think about clichés in the Metal-Genre?

 I think all the cliches were invented in the 80´s and goes hand in handwith the genre. As a heavy metal band you should have the leather, spikes,pyro´s etc. Many people are laughing but in my opinion it comes with themusic.


Please tell me your ten all-time-favorite pieces of music! Are there any disappointing albums from your favorite bands?

1. Demon "The unexpected guest"

2. Warlord " And the cannons of...."

3. Queensryche "Operation Mindcrime"

4. Riot "Fire down under"

5. Manowar "Hail to England"

6. Helloween "Walls of Jericho"

7. Grim Reaper "Rock you to hell"

8. Judas Priest "Painkiller"

9. Zeno "Zeno"

10. Stormwitch "Tales of terror"

Well, the album Queensryche released last year was very disappointing. Andwith the Chameleon album I thought Helloween would change style but theycame back with a vengeance !


How many shows did you play this year and the year before? Do you feel yourself more safe on the stage? How were your impressions on the Gamma Ray/Jag Panzer Tour (which was in my opinion a fantastic event!)? Did you like the guys?

 I think we´ve played app60-70 shows since the release of the first albumand YES we are now a much more confident liveband compared to last year.All the touring was a good experiance for us to learn how to put out a goodlive show. With Gamma Ray and Jag Panzer we had the time of our lives. Bothbands were really cool and every show was awsome. I think that the packagewith the 3 of us was the best package you could get !


Some people say that you're doing nothing new, that you're just copying some bands of the Eighties. What can you say to this offence? 

Well, if people listen more close they gonna find out that we are a bandwith a lot of influences from the bands of the 80´s, but without copyingany of them. We took the best parts of the 80´s and added it all togetherand it became HammerFall. I don´t say that we invented something new, wedid NOT, but still we have a personal style. If people like it or not thisis the way we sound !



"A Metal Heart Is Hard To Tear Apart" - is this really true?

Yes, it is really true. Every fan and follower of metal is true to themusic whatever happens in the mainstreem.

Just see what happened in the 90´s when people declared heavy metal dead.Some bands stood up and fought for what they believed in and so did thefans. Once a metal heart always a metal heart !


Now I like you to give me some comments on the following expressions:

Manowar: The kings of heavy metal !

Riot: One of the best but most underrated metal bands !

Trends:  Don´t follow, create your own !

Bill Tsamis:  My hero and friend ! One of the kindest persons on earth !

Record-companies: Heaven and hell !

Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin:  Home made leather trousers !

Progressive-Metal:  Too hard to understand !

Andreas Marschall: The king of album covers

Michael Kiske: Kiske to Iron Maiden NOW ! (You're right Joacim!! - Michael)

In Flames: Mastermind Strömblad !

MTV: Bring back Vanessa NOW ! Who the hell is Julia Valet ?

Alternative: R.I.P


Any famous last words you want to say to the readers?

I would like to thank all the readers and true fans of HammerFall formaking our first year so incredible.

I hope to see you all on tour SOON ! And always remember: A Metal Heart IsHard To Tear Apart !!!!!!!!!!

(c) 1998, Michael Kohsiek