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FORESEEN - Die Zukunft Beginnt Jetzt!

The great disc "Prophet's Dream" is a must for each and every fan of Power-/Progressive-Music, that's a fact! It's full of emotions, intense melodies and fantastic musical ideas. I've made the following interview with Mychal (see you some day!), voice of Forseen. Read what he said about Underground music, the US-Scene, Germany and much much more! ENJOY!!

Sacred Metal: A well known beginning for an interview: tell me all about the founding of Foreseen! How long did it exist, who were the band-members in the past and so on...

Mychal: Foreseen began in 1993 (along with several name changes).GaryHumphrey, Joe Hammond and myself started recording songs for what wouldbecome quite a ride. Back then it was Gary on guitar, Joe on bass and me ondrums. You see I've been a drummer for about seventeen years now ( I'm intoMark Zonder, Atma Anur, Robert Sweet, etc.), But when we started this bandwe vowed to let nothing stand in our way. So, thirteen singer I am as an entertainer/vocalist. Of course, I must admit thatthe idea of being a vocalist has always intrigued me. To capture a crowdsunbridled emotion is such a powerful thing. It's really something you can'texplain. You just have to do it. Anyway, there I was having to trustsomeone very talented, visually exciting live and dedicated enough to takeover my previous role as the drummer. The first and only comfortable choicewas my friend Cary Derdevanis. When he decided to accept theresponsibility, he flew in from San Francisco and began the tedious job ofputting together the creative chops and grooves you can hear on our CD"Prophet's Dream."


SM: 2. "Prophet's Dream" is your first official release. Tell me more about the lyrics! Is there a "red line" behind them?

M: The stories that we tell in our songs are either from personalexperience or fables that interest us from history books. Songs like"London Nights" (based on the tale of Jack the Ripper) are stories thatinterest me, but then again I really dig Ann Rice and Clive Barker, andthen you have songs like "Remember Yesterday" which is taken from an eventthat really touched me. I believe people can relate to our album fairlywell. Our earlier demos were written as a conceptual piece titled"Crossing the Line", but we haven't had the opportunity to record themproperly. Maybe in the near future?! We'll see.


SM: What reactions did you get for "Prophet's Dream"? Do you think that you'll be getting a deal in Europe or Japan soon? Your music could be very successful over here?

M: We have been getting pretty good distribution in Europe, but nothingin Japan yet ( as far as I know). We have been getting very excitedresponses from different labels and we continue to gaze upon the multiplecontracts we've received. So maybe we'll be seeing the sun rise with you ontour in your part of the world very soon.
Out of all the countries we are distributed in, Germany has beenthe supportive to a certain extint and we are extremely greatful to thefans, radio stations (thanks Hamburg) and magazines such as Heavy OderWas!? and That's It. They are true metal visionaries.


SM: You've made the artwork and the whole production for yourself? What are the costs for a project like "Prophet's Dream"? Are you a specialist in computer artwork?

M: Yes, we did do everything for the "Prophet's Dream" CD, but we hadcomputer help from our close friends at FX STUDIOS (our 'fifth Beatle'Eileen Rang along with Stuart Rang and James Davidson) out of Pensacola,FL.We really put in endless hours with them to come up with a product that WEwould want to purchase if we saw it for sale. Eileen has actually beenhelping us make a reality out of a simple vision we had since '93 and it'sreally appreciated to find such a dedicated talent as herself.


SM: What's your impression on the US-Metal Scene? Is it true that Heavy Metal is dead or do you think it will soon be rising up again like a Tornado? How often are you able to play live?

M: I believe that alot of Americans are very impressionable as asociety. I don't know why but it's true.

And it's not their fault, I don't think?! I think most radio stations anddefinitely MTV forcefeed the public a bunch of untalented shit and alot ofpeople can't distinguish too well between actually liking something andbeing forced to listen to this grotesque stuff that's repeated everyfifteen minutes or so. They might actually like our music if they weregiven the chance to listen to something other than sludge rock (you knowwho you are!). Then there's the inspiring American fans of real music thatgo to the ends of the earth just to get something with substance andmelody! They are the ones that make me PROUD to be an American! They arethe ones that are going to keep progressive and power music in demand inthe U.S.A. I know because I am one of them. Just because our music may notbe aired on radio and television doesn't mean that we are not being heardand appreciated. I mean look at Iron Maiden.

As far as playing live goes, there are not too many placesaround our area to perform, but we do stay pretty busy in the surroundingareas. Lately we've been writing for our, as of yet, untitled new albumfrom which we will be performing some songs at POWERMAD 98.


SM: What does the term "Underground" mean to you? Do you feel yourself as a part of it?

M: I think the term "underground" stands for music that hasn't beendestroyed by corporate decisions. Music that is still pure and true to theartists original intention upon writing their ideas. Yes, I think we are anunderground band, but then again so is Symphony X, Tritonus, Digital Ruinand Twilight Kingdom (among many others). So I'd say that we are in somereally professional and extremely talented company, wouldn't you?


SM: I believe that you are not able to live from the music right now. What are your daily jobs, how do you earn your money?

M: Yes it is a sad fact of life, but we aren't able to live off of ourhard work and ambitious dreams right now. That's okay though. Having torequire some other form of income keeps us humble and pays the bills athome. At least that's what I keep on telling myself. Gary, Joe and Cary areinvolved in the relentless business of carpet installation. I am currentlymanaging a retail music store chain.


SM: What can we expect from FORESEEN in the future? Any plans for a next release? (And please: no industrial parts!)

M: "Prophet's Dream" is so versatile that I believe it will allow us tochoose a suitable path for our new album without losing any of our fans atthis point. I think everyone will be pleased with our new songs. They'restill melodically aggressive yet more powerfully progressive. I hope thatdescribes it for you? All I know is, I think this album is going to besomething VERY special! We tend to write songs that make us happy and inreturn we hope that everyone else enjoys them too.


SM: Maybe you could give me a short impression on your alltime-favorite record? Who are your idols? And what kind of books do you like?

M: Wow! Pick one record, huh? I'd probably have to say King Diamond's"THEM." That was the album that really just shattered all of the boundariesI thought music was supposed to have. "THEM" is one of the greatest conceptalbums ever. The musicians: Andy La Rocque, Pete Blakk, Hal Patino and themighty Mikkey Dee are incredible.

The vocalists that I respect are Midnight (Crimson Glory), WarrelDane (Nevermore), Lizzy Borden, Russel Allen (Symphony X), Mike Lee (BarrenCross), Michael Sweet etc. etc. I could go on and on because there are somany talented musicians out there.

I haven't been reading very much lately, but when I do I reallydig Ann Rice. She is a true artist with words. Her stories are so intense.


SM: Any famous last words?

M: Yeah, I hope that this interview was informative enough for you andothers and maybe, just maybe, if you don't know who FORESEEN is, this willspark your interest enough to check us out. Thanks for giving bands like usthe support we need so we may create more and more ideas for you thelistener, so you may drift into the realm of dreams that music was meant tobe.

Zukunft Beginnt Jetzt.....


SM: In the end I want you to give me some comments on the following words:

German music scene: Germany is a place I would love to visit. Thescenery, people, food and dark beer! No wonder your musicians are soinspired and talented.

Classical music: I believe alot of progressive and power musicians areinto classical music. I like Mozart and especially Paganini. I wish I couldhave seen him perform his music. What an incredible musician.

Cozy Powell: Extremely sad that his death had to come upon us so quickly, but I guess "when eternity calls our name".....

Power Metal: Power Metal along with Progressive Metal are terms givenonly to talented musicians who take pride in their songs, albums,image,etc.

Alternative music: I don't have the patience to accept it as a musicalmovement.

Keith Menser: A great bassist and hard working businessman. Powermad isreally something extraordinary.

Digital Ruin: I only know Matt and Tim. They are hilarious to hang outwith. We hung out with them at Powermad 97 and had a blast. Their CD"Listen" is very good. I enjoy listening to them quite often. I also liketheir other songs like "Rain" and "The Hollow." Very talented musicians.

Marilyn Manson: I know it's not very progressive to say this, but, but,but, I like them. Maybe because I like the shock rock bands like AliceCooper and Kiss and Ziggy Stardust and Lizzy Borden. Okay I said it....

Family: Family is important to me. I really love being around my wifeand two children as much as I possibly can. Oh, don't forget my white chow,he'd be pissed.

Favorite Food: Plain homemade cheesecake with a huge glass of milk. Yajust can't beat it.

Summer: Time for the beach, a good tan, summer festivals and morewriting...............

A big "Thank You!!" goes out to the other side of the Atlantic, to Mychal and his whole great band FORESEEN!! Check them out, they are really worth it!!

(c) 1998, Michael Kohsiek