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David Neil Cline

1)Let us first behold your newest release "Thorough Scrutiny". What is it like? I mean, are the songs really new or have they been recorded a couple of years before? Nevertheless, this is an excelllent album, one of the best that came out in the last few years for it is basic, heavy, melodic and dramatic without being pathetic as so many new bands are, espcially from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Greece.

David Neil Cline: "Most of "Thorough Scrutiny" was recorded a year after the Malefic Influence CD. At the time, the band broke up.... I didn't have the money to get it pressed, and metal seemed to be fading out in the US. A year ago I started working on the project again and re-recorded some of the tracks such as vocals, guitar leads and Hammond Organ. I added a lot of backing vocals that weren't there before either. Even rewrote the lyrics to a couple of the songs. Mixing it was not easy because it was on 3 different formats. Analog 2 inch 24 track, 1/4 inch 8 track and 4 track cassette. Blending all the songs to sound like the same project took some doing. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out."

2)Do you follow the current metalscene or do you just work on your own stuff untouched by any other metalband?

"Well I'd have to say my style is derived of my old influences. Sabbath, Malmsteen, Purple, Uli Jon Roth, old Michael Schenker... I have not heard much current metal that is very unique sounding. Not that there isn't some great metal out there. I'm trying very hard to make my new album that I am currently working on as unique as possible. Not an easy thing to do these days."

3)In an interview with my great friend and mentor ray dorsey you pointed out that there was a different project you were playing guitar in, a kind of fusion oriented style, what has happened to this one?

"I wouldn't call it fusion... I'd call it weird alternative rock. Kind'a like Primus style. Funky odd rhythms with very weird lyrics. I played 5 string slap bass and lead vocals in that band for 3 years. I don't want to mention the name of the band but after the drummer got married things just kinda fell apart. But there was 2 CD's recorded that will be released on my record label soon. Most of my metal fans don't appreciate that style of music so I don't want to confuse the two."

4)My band's guitarist recently said that metal was dead and the guitar will lose its importance in music very soon. You as an awesome guitarist, would you agree with him?

"From what I see the indie metal forces are joining together to change that. And we need to keep joining together. The only reason metal is or was fading is because the major labels have control of what get's played in the media. People seem to adapt to what ever is crammed down their throat. If the major radio stations started playing more metal... metal would make a huge come back. I keep hearing that metal and hard rock is coming back. I even heard that MTV is bringing back "Headbanger's Ball". I hope they are right. This has encouraged me to keep doing metal and hopefully when it does make a big come back.... I'll be ready for it. I don't know about everywhere else but Detroit radio stations suck big time!!! If I hear anymore about Kid Rock I'm gonna puke!!!! Metalheads need to stand and be heard!!! Tell them what you want to hear!!!"

5)What might have been the reason that you never gained the success you could have had with your material? I know "A fit of Rage" for a longer time now and it really blows me away even three years after I got the CD and I have listened to "Malefic Influence" quite a few time and can honestly say that this plays all the bigger names in hardrock from the beginning of the nineties against the wall. This stuff got depth, it got heart and soul, what was the reason for the lack of success? were you too good for the masses?

"Well thanks but I don't look at it that way. Mine is a typical story of bad luck, bad management and never in the right place at the right time. I have learned quite a bit about the music biz the hard way. I have been sued and everything. Detroit politics didn't help matters either. I should have gotten out of the city 15 years ago. I could tell many stories. I plan to spend thousands of dollars on promotion when my next album comes out. I feel I still have a chance to make a good living at this. If all goes well... I will be signing metal and hard rock acts in a few years. Gazochtahagen Records will no longer be an indie label."